Do not sign another lease unless you have received a formal written release from your Residence Hall Contract.

If a contract (lease) is completed in addition to a student’s Residence Hall Contract, that student then becomes legally obligated to two different contracts (leases). Having another signed contract (lease) is not grounds to be released from the Residence Hall Contract.

Should a appeal be denied, the contract holder will have one opportunity to re-appeal. If the re-appeal is denied, there will be no further option to appeal for contract release.

The Residence Hall Contract is a legal contract. If an individual is, or will be, a registered student and has completed a Residence Hall Contract, that person is obligated to the terms of the Contract and must appeal to be released from the Contract if they wish to have your rental obligation removed. This obligation includes the payment of late charges and cancellation charges in a timely manner.

A pending appeal does not defer your rent payment or exempt you from your rental deadlines or obligations to the terms and conditions of the contract.

Please make all payments by your assigned due date to avoid late charges. If your appeal is approved, adjustments to your account could be made if that is a part of your appeal.


Appeal Information:

Financial Appeals are any appeal submitted toward the goal of a fee reduction or removal. Reasons to submit such an appeal must include a significant unforeseen change in the student’s circumstances since entering into the Residence Hall Contract – that prohibits the student from fulfilling his or her obligation to the Contract. Appeals must be initiated by the student resident obligated to the Residence Hall Contract.

Don’t forget to review the information on our Release & Appeals page!

Here are the quick steps to submitting an Financial Appeal:


1. Review Your Student Account

Ensure that you have actually already incurred the charges that have led you to appeal. For example, if you are appealing to reduce a cancellation fee, you must have already cancelled your contract and been assessed this fee. If you have questions regarding housing charges, please call (352)392-2171 ext. 10350 to speak with a Housing Accounts representative.


2. Complete the Standard Required Documents (Required)

  • Complete the General Appeal Form
    • Review the first page of this form in order to fully understand the appeals process
  • Typed personal letter to the Appeals Committee, detailing your reasons for appeal
  • Dated Documentation (see #3)

3. Supply Additional Information (Required)

Every Financial Appeal must be accompanied by specific dated, documented evidence of the student’s significant unforeseen/unavoidable change in circumstances since the completion of his or her Contract.

For every appeal that is submitted, the Appeals Committee looks at the documents presented to them and tries to answer the question, “What was the significant, unforeseen and/or unavoidable change that has occurred since this individual completed their Contract and that prevents them from fulfilling their contractual obligations as outlined in the agreed-to terms and conditions of their contract?” Therefore, it is often best to provide ‘too much’ dated documented evidence rather than ‘too little’. The Appeals Committee or DOHRE staff cannot inform you what to provide as each situation is individual. The Appeals Committee will have no knowledge of you situation other than the information you provide. Submitting factual documentation and detailed timelines in relation to the contract may be helpful to the committee and explaining your situation in requesting an appeal.

More information regarding the dated, documented evidence that may be submitted as support for a Financial Appeal may be found at:

4. Meet With Your Professional Area Staff Member (Optional)

Please note that an appeal review meeting is NOT an emergency. Students should bear in mind that Area Staff are often busy and require meetings to be scheduled in advance. This meeting is not required for financial appeal documents to be completed.

Students may arrange a meeting with their Professional Area Staff Member to review the student’s appeal documents. If the student’s Professional Area Staff Member is not available to meet within the preferred timeline, a student may meet with another Professional Area Staff Member. If the student wishes, the staff member will complete the optional Professional Staff Summary regarding the student’s appeal and will submit it to This summary will then be considered with the student’s appeal, so a student should meet with a Professional Area Staff Member in advance of the appeal consideration due date if they would like to take advantage of this option.


5. Submit Your Appeal

All appeal information must be submitted together, with the exception of the staff-submitted Professional Staff Summary. The deadline for consideration at each week’s Appeals Committee Meeting is Wednesday at 12 p.m. (noon).


  • ONLINE:Students submit online for contract appeals by Logging in to
  • Select ‘Cancel Contract’ upload all documents and forms at that time. You cannot update or add to your documents once you have submitted this appeal.
  • To Update your appeal online follow these steps:
  • MAIL:Students who are appeals for other reasons may submit documents via mail to Undergraduate Appeals (Housing and Residence Education, P.O. Box 112100, Gainesville, FL 32611-2100),
  • FAX:(352) 392-6819 Attn:Undergraduate Appeals. If documentation is sent via fax, there is no guarantee that it will be received by staff on the date that it was sent.  Students receive an Appeal Documents Receipt when complete submissions are received and processed. This email notifies students of the date on which their appeal will be considered by the Appeals Committee. Appeal results are sent by 5pm each Friday.
  • IN PERSON: The Department of Housing and Residence Education is located on the southwest corner of Museum Road and 13th Street. Hours are 8am to 5pm.

Submitting documentation for an appeal does not guarantee an approved appeal. Whether or not documentation provided is sufficient to grant an appeal is at the sole discretion of the Appeals Committee regardless of the type of documentation provided. Incomplete appeal submissions will not be considered. Re-appeals lacking new documented evidence in support of a student’s reason for appeal will not be considered. New typed personal letters alone do not qualify as valid documented evidence for a re-appeal. Students must submit all appeal information in one, concise packet.

Each student is allowed one appeal and one re-appeal per type of appeal. In an effort to be fair to all of our students, the Appeals Committee’s decisions cannot be overruled and the process cannot be changed to allow for a student to appeal again once they have exhausted their appeal and re-appeal. 

Please contact with any inquiries regarding the appeals process.

The information on this page pertains to obligations of the Undergraduate Housing Residence Hall Contract (Residence Hall Contract). For information regarding Graduate and Family Housing (Corry, Diamond, Maguire, UVS, and Tanglewood Villages) and/or the terms of the contract pertaining to those villages, please contact If you have questions regarding Graduate and Family Housing Billing, please contact If you have any questions regarding Undergraduate Housing Billing, please contact If you have any questions regarding appealing area charges (ex. area damages, etc.), please contact your area desk or Professional Area Staff Member.