Live, Learn, Lead with special access to faculty members

The Advisor-in-Residence Program at the University of Florida is a structured living-learning program that promotes interaction between students and faculty through out-of-classroom experiences.

The Advisor-in-Residence lives in a specially designed apartment within or adjacent to a residence hall so that the faculty member and his/her family can share the residence hall living experience with students. The Advisor-in-Residence helps plan and implement educational, recreational, social and cultural programs while serving as a role model, mentor, advisor, teacher, and leader in the residential community.

Research has shown that faculty programs in residence halls benefit students and the university as a whole. Students who have contact with faculty outside the classroom have higher retention rates leading to graduation (Astin, 1977; Bean, 1980), are more satisfied with college (Astin, 1977; Pascarella, 1980), and exhibit higher levels of achievement (Centra and Rock, 1971). The faculty members involved with students in out-of-classroom experiences also benefit from the experience. Faculty gain a greater understanding of students’ needs, expectations, strengths and weaknesses that can lead to better structured academic expectations and challenges, and a reduction of misunderstandings (Pascarella, 1975).

The Advisor-in-Residence is interested in students and has the desire to relate to students in a residential setting, outside of the classroom or laboratory. He/she is able to articulate programming ideas and community development initiatives that will enhance the collegiate experience of students in the residence halls. This program is an excellent way to help students feel more comfortable around their professors and university administrators.

For any questions on these positions please contact: Calvin Mosley at 352-392-2171 ext. 10139.

Wanda Washington

Pre-health Professions Advisor; College of Public Health and Health Professions
Broward/Yulee Area

Lt. Collin Swick

Aviation Officer, Assistant Professor of Naval Science; Naval ROTC Department
Tolbert Area

Rachel Nelson

Advisor from the academic advising center
West Campus

Cynthia Sain

Advisor from the College of Engineering
West Campus