Live, Learn, Lead with Fellow Upperclass Gators

Location: Murphree Area

The Returning Gators Program (RGP) is an upperclassmen living-learning community designed to address the specific needs and interests of second-year students and beyond at the University of Florida. It offers transitional programs and seminars beneficial for academic, career, community and leadership development. A number of educational and social opportunities are available to help RGP students adjust to their second (or more!) year at the University of Florida, prepare them for the transitional issues they will encounter and then to help them succeed in this environment.

The Returning Gators Program aims to provide social opportunities for students to re-establish connections from the previous year and form new connections with their community, all while developing a strong sense of unity and support where students feel comfortable interacting with each other and the University community. The RGP program also provides high quality residence life, student involvement, academic and career activities and workshops to help students successfully transition through their sophomore years and gain life skills.

Unique Academic Resources:

Academic Advising

Academic Advising

Murphree Hall is adjacent to Farrior Hall, the home of the University of Florida Academic Advising Center.
Dedicated Study Spaces

Dedicated Study Spaces

There is a small conference room in Murphree Commons and quiet space in the Fletcher library.
Career Preperation

Returning Gator Certification

Residents have the opportunity to take head shots and participate in a resume review.