A housing rent deferment for undergraduate residents is a temporary delay of the rent due date to wait for the student’s financial aid money to disburse. A housing rent deferment is different from a tuition deferment and can only be granted by the student applying online on the Housing Management System (HMS) or by Housing staff.

Students are responsible for paying their rent or obtaining a rent deferment prior to the rent due date to avoid any late charges. Students are also responsible for payment of their housing balance even if financial aid money is not released by the housing rent deferment due date or if financial aid does not cover all of the student’s university debts.

A $125 late charge will be applied to those students who do not meet their rent in full by the housing rent due date or the housing rent deferment date (if applicable). Requesting a rent deferment after the rent due date will not waive applied late fees.


You are eligible to apply for a housing deferment if you have $1,600* or more of financial aid for each summer term or $4,900* or more per semester of financial aid for the Fall/Spring (excluding work-study and fee waiver). Housing must be able to verify the amount of financial aid being received by checking the student’s financial aid award file online or have a copy of the student’s scholarships.

How to check your eligibility

  • Log into ONE.UF with your GatorLink username and password
  • Locate “My Online Services” (on the left) locate “Financial Aid”
  • Select “Awards and Disbursements” for the upcoming semester(s)
  • Scroll down and press “Display” to view award

How to Apply (If you are eligible)

  • HMS using your GatorLink username and password
  • Locate the “Contract Tab”
  • Select “My Deferments”
  • The Webpage will provide deferment information. Click the “Next”
  • If you are eligible, your due date will be provided. If you are not eligible, click on the information under “Action” for an explanation.