Gainesville Regional Transit System (RTS)

UF students pay a transportation fee as part of UF tuition/fees that allows them to ride RTS and UF buses for free with a valid UF ID.  Students can track bus locations using a computer or smartphone. For more information, click here for more RTS information.

Parking Options:

Garage Parking at The Continuum: 100 parking spaces are available on a first come, first served basis for Infinity Hall residents . Click here to purchase a pass.

Scooter Parking at Infinity Hall: 23 scooter parking spaces are available at Infinity Hall on a first come first served basis.

Bicycle Parking: There is parking for over 100 bicycles at Infinity Hall.

Campus Parking:

  • Automobiles: For UF student decal eligibility purposes, Infinity residents are considered to be off campus residents. Most Infinity residents are eligible to purchase Park and Ride decals and would be “storage parking” their vehicles on the far west side of campus.  Click here for more campus parking information.
  • Motorcycle/Scooter Parking on the UF campus is not restricted by whether a student lives on or off campus or the number of credit hours earned. Decal info for motorcycles/scooters is at the same student decals link above.  For sustainability reasons and to reduce traffic, students are encouraged to park in one UF motorcycle/scooter location then ride the bus system or walk to get around campus rather than moving several times per day from one motorcycle/scooter parking location to another.

Other Parking Options

  • Gainesville City Neighborhood Permits: Infinity Hall residents may choose to purchase a Gainesville City Neighborhood Parking Permit. Permits are Zone Specific: Infinity is in Zone 9 and borders Zone 1. Neighborhood decal parking is very limited and although permits are available, the parking is first come first served. Permits are also vehicle specific.  Click here for more parking information.
  • Gainesville City Southwest Downtown Parking Garage: The SW Downtown Garage is fully automated. There are no cashiers stationed at the vehicular entry/exit lanes. Access is granted by either the push of a button for daily parkers or by inserting your Express Card. For more information, click here.
  • Private Parking Vendors: These are other private parking vendors in the vicinity of Infinity Hall