Our trained staff are here to provide supportive, quick and friendly service to all our residents.

Our Main Office (352-392-2161) is available for assistance Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. We are also available via email at

After hours support is also available. For a full list of our area office contact information, please click the link below.

Office of The Executive Staff

Janette Rawls

Manager - Human Resources

Jenni Wright

Administrative Specialist II


Krista Boren

Director - Housing Operations

Tara Gallagher

Assistant Director - Housing Operations

Victor Harrell

Coordinator - Operations Safety & Security

Nora Kilroy

Director - Off Campus Life

Carolynn Komanski

Director - Youth Conference Services

Todd Morrone

Associate Director - Public & Governmental Relations

Katie Muniz

Event Planner I - Conference Services

Robert W. Ostrow

Associate Director - Conference Services

Katie Rogers

Event Manager - Conference Services

Vern Rogers

Associate Director - Housing Operations

Christine Winget

Associate Director - Employee Engagement

Financial Services

Stina Schoneck

Associate Director - Financial Services

Rena Buchan

Finance Manager - Financial Services

Steve Conley

Assistant Director - Financial Services

Bill Johnson

Manager - Procurement

Jeff Michel

Manager - Warehouse/Stores

Dirk Smith

Warehouse/Stores Specialist

Harold Wheeler

Assistant Director - Procurement

IT Services

Lucian Badea

Associate Director, IT - Application Development

Dave Connelly

Associate Director, IT - Network & Systems Administration

Matt Pendleton

Associate Director, IT - Strategic Initiatives and Communications

Josh Robertson

Manager - IT Assistance

Facilities Management

Chad Doering

Interim Director - Facilities Operations

Susan Hettel

Administrative Support Assistant III


Assistant Director - Environmental Management


Assistant Director - Energy Management

Aaron Broome

Assistant Director - Maintenance Services

Jennifer Todden

Associate Director - Facilities Operations

Chad Worley

Assistant Director - Design and Construction

Tanya Hughes

Associate Director - Facilities Operations

Jackie Duncan

Administrative Support Assistant III

Michael Bartlett

Senior Pest Control Technician

DeWayne Barton

Building Services Superintendent Tolbert, Hume, & Graham Areas

Carl Harris

Building Services Superintendent Murphee Areas

Eric Hankerson

Building Services Superintendent Lakeside, Keys, Villages, & Springs Areas and Special Projects

Greg Esteves

Building Services Superintendent Beaty & Jennings Areas

Billy Pogue

Maintenance Generalist III Building Services

James Piker

Building Services Superintendent Broward & Yulee Areas

Residence Life & Education


Main Office


Calvin Mosley

Director - University Housing Residence Life

Danann Bledsoe

Assistant Director - Area Desk Operations

Lola Bond

Administrative Support Assistant III


Conduct & Conflict Resolution


SheRa Williams

Administrative Support Assistant III


Residential Programming


Ryan Winget

Interim Associate Director

Jason Fraser-Nash

Assistant Director - Graduate & Family Housing

Evelyn Jackson

Administrative Support Assistant III


Area Coordinator: Continuum

Kaityln Hosticka

Area Coordinator: Corry, Maguire & UVS Villages

Aoleonne Joseph

Area Coordinator: Tanglewood & Diamond

Patricia Jordan

Interim Assistant Director - East Campus

Elle Collins

Area Coordinator: Yulee Area

Kaitlyn O'Keefe

Area Coordinator: Beaty & Jennings Areas

Nathalie Turenne

Area Coordinator: Murphree Area


Area Coordinator: Broward & Infinity Areas

Sean Johnson

Interim Assistant Director - West Campus


Area Coordinator: Keys & Tolbert Areas

Doug Ashcroft

Area Coordinator: Graham & Hume Areas

Jacob McAbee

Area Coordinator: Lakeside & Spring Complexes


Residential Engagement


Rebecca Gilreath

Administrative Support Assistant II

Marketing & Communications

Erin Ferraro

Marketing & Communications Specialist - Student Affairs Marketing & Communications

Sara Tanner

Director - Student Affairs Marketing & Communications