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Graduate and Family Housing residents must be admitted, enrolled, and maintain proper academic progress towards graduate or professional degree at the University of Florida or have a spouse and/or dependent children live with you.

Defining Eligibility

In order to promote and maintain the best possible residential environment and in keeping with specific regulations, the following definitions will help define eligibility. Primary Occupants Only a primary occupant (the billed renter), a spouse, and dependent children (where allowable), are allowed to live in an apartment. For more information about the Graduate and Family Housing guest policy, please email us at


There are some exceptions to the eligibility requirements and must be requested as far in advance as possible by emailing Not all requests are approved. Here is a list of some common exceptions:

Early Move-In

Prior to enrollment, new residents may move in approximately one semester prior to attending classes

Late Move-Out

Graduating students may stay up to a week after graduation. By request, residents may stay up to one semester after graduation.

Semester Off from Classes

This allowance is intended to accommodate research or other academic situations. By request, residents may live in Graduate and Family Housing for one semester during each 12 month period without being enrolled in classes. Additional accommodations may be considered. Please note that residents can only make this request for one out of three semesters and they may never take off two consecutive semesters.

Between Degrees

Residents may request to live with Graduate and Family Housing between degrees for up to one semester. For example, a student may live with Graduate and Family Housing for the summer in between completing their master's degree and starting a PhD program.

How to Apply

Housing and Residence Life is excited for you to be a part of the Graduate and Family Housing Community. Below is an overview of the apartment selection process.

  • Visit to apply for Graduate and Family Housing
  • Pay the $25 application fee
  • Update your preferences and select your earliest possible move-in date and apartment interests. Preferences must be completed in order to offer an apartment. Keep your preferences and move-in date as up to date as possible.
  • When apartments are available, an offer will be emailed to you. You will only receive an email if there is an available apartment.
  • Review your offer, the apartment offer will include the move-in date, rent amount, building number, apartment number, number of bedrooms, floor, and other information about your apartment.
  • Finally, accept or reject the offer. You will have 3 days to accept the apartment offer. Once you accept an apartment offer, you are obligated for at least 60 days’ rent. If you reject the offer your application will be deactivated and you will need to reapply.

After accepting the apartment, you will receive an email with more information about picking up your keys and the move-in process. You cannot move in earlier than the listed date for your apartment. If you choose to move in later, you will still be responsible for rent from the move-in date.

Apartment Preferences

Before Housing and Residence Life staff can offer you an apartment, you must update your preferences. Being flexible with your choices will give you the best chance of being offered an apartment sooner. However, if you decline or ignore an apartment offer, you will not receive another offer. So please be thoughtful when listing your preferences.

Additionally, being too specific with your preferences will make getting an apartment more difficult. For example, while there are over 600 apartments between Corry, Diamond, and Tanglewood, there are only 48 one-bedroom, second-floor apartments in Tanglewood. Here is a list of the numbers of apartments by village and type:

VillageRoom Type Apartments
Corry 1 Bedroom 100
2 Bedroom108
3 Bedroom8
Diamond1 Bedroom 100
2 Bedroom 100
Tanglewood1 Bedroom89
2 Bedroom 81
Efficiency 8


We cannot estimate how quickly any student might be offered an apartment. We expect 200-300 students to move out each year, and we will offer apartments to new residents as soon as we can prepare the apartments for new residents. The current wait for an apartment in Corry, Diamond, and Tanglewood is 2-3 years from the time of application. However, the wait can be longer depending upon your preferences.

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