Honors Residential College Living Learning Community

Honors Village

A blonde female student wears a white shirt, black leggings, and white sneakers while smiling and studying in her common room.

The Honors Residential College Living Learning Community is a hub for high-achieving students. This community fosters collaboration, and promotes involvement across campus through outreach activities, networking events, and leadership opportunities.

exterior of Hume HallTwo female students talk as they walk out of Hume Hall.
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Participate in the House Cup

Honors Village has a unique house model. There are four houses that will compete against one another to earn points in hopes of becoming the House Cup winner.

Events and Activities

Engagement opportunities throughout campus

Leadership opportunities in student organizations

House Cup competition

Network with peers

Connect with scholars


Study Space in the Hume Library

Hume Classroom

Destress on Hume Field

Corresponding Courses